Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mum's Bday Food Adventures>Study

ok, this is another back post. in hind sight, i am never ever going out again before an exam. i don't care if it's my families bday or friends or even mine, despite how much i love birthdays. did so bad in the exam, shouldn't have gone out.

birthday cake: larme de gaugin from la renaissance at the rocks. a mixed berry mousse and sponge cake with a jaconde.

it's just as good the second time. first time was at Bitter's 18th, and her one had a strawberry mousse which looks nicer, but i think the mixed berry mousse tastes better as it has more of a punch. it depends on the chef i guess, since in store, the mini cakes had the berry mousse, but other cakes had a strawberry mousse. this cake is quite light, and the real fruitiness and has some acidity. there's probably sugar added, but you can't taste it, which is good. this time, you had to pay for your cake first before you could order, and now the bigger sized cakes don't come with a free message. their packaging has also changed to a bright pink box.

went to lowenbrau again for a free meal. it was so packed, well it always is, but i guess oktoberfest is coming up, and they also decorated more stuff inside. ended up sharing a table with some randoms even though we had a booking. this time they asked for id first, and only gave the cheaper meal for free.
veal schnitzel with roast potatoes and cranberry sauce -$31.

the sauce was so good! since veal is more expensive than chicken, it was smaller than the chicken schnitzel, but it was still good. don't see veal ones everyday. mum had the roast pork knuckle, ($36), it didn't look that big, but once you dug into it, wow, so much meat/pork crackling. it was accompanied by mash and onions and their sauce, which was the same sides last time we went that went with their sausage lunch special. i tried to help her finish it, but even i couldn't

live music

chicken dance entertainment for the kids. there was also a super skilled face painter there.

went to guylian cafe! even though we were super full...first time (:

iced chocolate-$9 

cappuccino-$4.50 i think w/ a chocolate.

guylian is more expensive and isn't as nice as lindt. i asked for a little bit of cream, since i felt so fattened from the meal before. even though i like my ice cream, and this was nice ice cream, i think there was too much for the size of this drink, so once you eat the ice cream and some of the cream, there's actually only about half a glass of stuff to drink. unlike lindt, you could see the chocolate bits which didn't melt, so there was a slight grainy texture, but then the chocolate itself is like that, so i guess they wanted to retain their chocolate texture in the drink. there were these other people there who only had half a slice of cake and left! once slice is about $16 dine in. what a waste!

yellow snail

double decker bus back home

bro at youth camp. quiteness as home (:

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