Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boost Challenge 2013

boost challenges! i think i got instagram at the right time. last time they had a happy lab promotion, this time they announce the clues on insta first, but then they also put it on fb, and then released the challenges a day ahead, i think too many people complained.

#what is study. free boost>study.

Fairy Friday:

brekkie to gogo.
if i ever try a weird one, it's always on my free boost ones. this one had blended bits of meusli, wasn't even sweet, tasted super healthy, filled with bananas and milk. wouldn't recommend you to buy it, but if you want breakfast, it's super filling. didn't even have lunch.

left: two and five juice. right: skinie minie melon smoothie.

with the juice, it was freshly squeezed, as you would expect. they didn't add any of their "base" juices. you could see them churning out two carrots, celeries, etc. it tasted quite nice, it's better than those supermarket juices which have a horrible balance of fruit and veg. when the veg is too prominant, it's gross (well for me). skinie minie melon was good (:

Teddy Bear Tuesday
lychee crush.

on the poster it looked pink. turns out it's yellow. tasted like tropical juice, very subtle hints of lychee. sweetest boost i've had in a long time.
left: watermelon crush, right: berry berry light

both were good as usual. 

my friend's should become fashion designers!

we were going to give our beas to other friends to use, so it'd look different. they didn't get it in the end since they couldn't be bothered to walk to boost from the library, which is pretty close....if i didn't have a bear/they didn't write my name down, i would've totes used a bear with a plastic bag. my bear had clothes, but we stripped it, and made a plastic bag toga. the asian bear then used my clothes and elastics as belt. 

i think i've become quite the pro in taking boost home, i have this cooler bag which perfectly fits two original sized boosts. like when i got home, both boosts were still ice cold. i take them home because i want to have more flavours at once, but i don't want to consume so much sugar at once. (sugar from natural juices in such large quantities is still not good).

i've had all the boosts now except the lemon crush, orange juice and the protein ones, except they're the same flavours just with blended protein power. i've created my own juice thing before, but i shall try mixing random ones together, like ginger, and blueberry and other stuff which won't match to see how it's like. btw, don't get the chocolate one, or raspberry chocolate ones. i'm so glad the choc one was on a free boost, since it's pretty gross. you can't have healthy chocolate, it just doesn't work.

you know the week before the challenges, i had a passion mango. it's cause i had a voucher from o-week, which made it a discount of $1.50. i also had another voucher, but it expires end of this month. never had the time to use it, so gave it away.

some challenges are too inconvenient to do at uni. oh wells, 6 boosts is good enough. oh, i'm pretty sure the westfield one is owned by curries, since most of them work their, and they're more stingier. like, they made me make my teddy bear order, and made me wear some sort of head piece (luckily i brought it in case) when i got a free boost, and took my photo. unsw took my photo as well =/ at the galeries, i only half took my bear out of my plastic bag, and they were like, "what would you like". so if in doubt about a challenge, your best bet is galeries>westfield. i didn't bother with world square this year. the other two are closer, and i'm still in mid-sem exam period.

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