Wednesday, September 4, 2013

new record today! got up, dressed, ate breakfast etc and out of the house in 7min! i slept in late, and was going to miss the last late fast bus, if that makes sense...

i did one of those questionnaires to see if i'm more suited to liberal or labour. the result? 50/50. i want stuff from both sides of the party, and nothing from the greens. who to vote for? my parents don't care if   i vote different to them. and also, what's palmer's united. it seems so weird. but yeah, both parties have their own pros and cons, problem is that i'm not favoured towards a side.

so crazy, going to get home around midnight tomorrow, and i have an exam on tuesday, then i sunday i have to trek past cabra for dance. it's such a hole there! well the place next to cabra which we'll be going. what's even more crazy is that fine food exhibition is next week! freeeee food/samples! what i'm so sad is that i forgot to register my mum, and now the pre-rego has closed and entry is $30, which is not worth it. so i guys i'll be roaming around by myself this year. this time on the ticket they said absolutely no high school students, even if they're studying a food related subject, and tertiary students "need to be mindful of businesses and samples" so they don't want uni students to take too many free samples. what a joke, i'm going to bring a back pack. one year my mum brought 3 back packs. also on that wed, mamak is opening, and free food, but then the lines will be super long, and probs not really worth my time compared to getting "fine food" free food.

another crazy thing, i want to go $2 sushi train, but i don't know anyone who's willing/have time,. and i also have exams in the next few consecutive weeks, so i don't have time/don't know what time to go, but i really want cheap but good quality sushi train! anyone up for it...? the main problem is that they only allow it for dinner time....i will wake up early on the weekend to make up for lost time...

colour run pre-rego have started for feb next year. i still don't understand how people take photos/take their belonging and run 5km without getting their phones/wallets dirty. i don't mind getting myself/clothes dirty, but not other stuff like bags =/ need to think of the logistics behind how to keep those items clean...

i had the best fish finger today!! Jamie Oliver style. the bread crumbs are golden, not orange, and since it's not half breadcrumbs, there's actually real fish! and it's good quiality-melt-in-your-mouth not processed fish! a fillet in that fish finger! it did taste so much healthier than other frozen fish. it was sturdy when you picked it up, which shows how soft the fish is and how it melted nicely in your mouth (: also, i would like to go Jamie's Italian, even though it hasn't won awards, it's an international restaurant, for it's decently priced for a celebrity chef.

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