Thursday, September 12, 2013

last day of epxo

kingdom hearts 1.5 out today! in HD! 

i've considered buying it, but then i know i won't study/get distracted, so i'll probs end up borrowing it from somewhere who'll be finished really quickly, haha.

also, haven't told you guys yet, but new update for Minion Rush! 

mum's haul on the last day of the expo.
yay, macarons! after they finished the display, apparently they gave some out. 
heapsssss of food just from today. yay for more high quality matcha, but i still need to find a frother to make it nice. the packet says you can add milk or just hot water, but then that's not a proper latte. frothed milk (:

she said everyone (asian/white/old/young etc), went and snatched everything whatever the promoters were handing out, haha. she got a lot of drinks as well, which she left with dad to take home. if you haven't seen my mum, she's short than me/tinier than me, so i was actually quie surprised she brought a whole table worth of food back home.

dad got some sugar free cake packet mix, and custard (which is like one of my bro's favs) and more random stuff.

last day of expos are the best. in two years time, i hope that my timetable will allow me to go on the last day. free good food ftw! (:

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