Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reuben Hills

that was an intense couple of weeks. actually, it's more like the few days before an exam. ok guys, i'm going to do a lot of back-posting, since i have so much to say, but i'll update you on today first.

optics test today. i started panicking on sunday night, and continued throughout the exam. i knew i wasn't prepared on sunday night, and i knew that i would fail the test. damn, this time it was again, different to the past papers. all the papers they gave us had different styles ): i failed today so badly. i know that i didn't answer a single question properly, and most of my answers were dodgy. fingers crossed for half marks. i plan to get 10/25, not like i want to, but i know i would. even borrowing the textbook from the library, there wasn't enough time to read the relevant parts between sun-wed. and just last week i was "relaxing" from the exam before. never again. ahhh, my marks this sem.

got chem back like last week. predicted what i got, ie realllly bad, let me give you a picture, average was 10/15. ahhh again. then last tues i had visn test which was all short answers. made up so much crap. i know i didn't write enough for the 5 markers. like 3 lines won't get me across, and i tried blabbing, but i didn't even know anything to blab about. i actually tried studying for my test 1 week beforehand. first five weeks have been pretty chill, but that's because i didn't study, and 2 weeks before chem i started, and then it was already too late for the other subjects.

you know, not even food will cheer me up today. i actually did THAT bad. and acing finals is a lot harder ))):

so we went Reuben Hills today. didn't get their coffee, despite it being known as very good. i'll go another time. i just wanted something different.

lychee, coconut and lime milkshake-$8.50.

pretty interesting taste. you could actually taste that stuff in order. they also put some shredded coconut in it, and this wasn't overly/artificially sweet. i've had a lime milk shake before, it was green and tasted like lime, but it was pretty heavy on the flavouring. haven't had a milkshake in so long!

food! baked eggs, fried chicken, hot dog.

soft baked eggs with goats curd, spinach, ranchero and rye-$16

i have a thing for baked eggs. this one wasn't as runny as element 6. part of one egg was almost boiled. never had goats curd before, so decided to try it. another interesting taste (: ranchero wasn't as tomatoey and the other place, and spinach was quite salty, luckily to didn't add extra salt onto my dish. bread was good (: overall, it was a nive combination, since i didn't want the jamon (had it before) or the black sausage (not game enough to try blood in sausage form)

also tried some fried chicken. it was good, but not as amazing as some other bloggers have said. 

was so filled from the above, didn't have room for free coffee/didn't eat dinner.

also, earlier when i went vegetarian yum cha this year around hyde park, there was a person handing out green flyers, saying there was free coffee the next day, and trying some samples. TURNS OUT SHE WAS FROM RECIPE TO RICHES, well the person who didn't win. i watched a bit yday, and recognised to green flyers/comic cartoon on it. she made apple scruffies, but the ordinary frozen choc biscuits won ): i regret not going back to the city the next day! could have appeared on tv, and tried a potential new product to be at woolies for free and free coffee! i guess earlier that time in jan, i guess i was ceebs going to the city again.

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