Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elisa's Take on iOS 7

so last night i finally updated to iOS7. i didn't want to update it just as it was released, since servers would crash, and sure enough, it did, well according to the news. also, not all my apps had updates for iOS7, but most of the ones i used did. when i first saw that apple had a new update, i was all like: soooooooo pretty (: it was pretty quick, only about 10-15min, and didn't lose anything. one of my friends lost her whatsapp convos, but not the group ones, which was weird. she did it through iTunes/plugged into computer, i did it through normal wifi.

screenshot of iOS 6.1.4 changed back to the default iOS 5 background as a "memory".

new home screen is sahhh colourful. the background also moves! you see those circles, yeah they move (but that drains battery)

everything is generally more colourful and white at the same time. also less sophistacted. for example, just look at the camera icon. it previously had detail of what the lens would look like, but now it's all 2d. trip view has also changed to a "flatter" icon. the others have yet to change.

i love the new weather app. as they described, it's like "looking at of the window." and the clouds etc move. it tells you what the weather will be like every hour. it's not bad, accuracy wise.

love the swipe up screen, esp the torch button. since you can get it from an unlocked phone, it's just a swipe and press of a button away, compared with using 3rd party apps, since i used to put my torch in the utilities folder, and i had to press a bit. they should include a shortcut for mobile data, but it's improved since it's in the settings now. the photos are placed in "memories", so it shows the dates. this isn't new, like those old flip/slide phones we had back in yr 7 etc had this, but for iphones it's new. there's still a separate album for camera roll, so you can still browse through photos without the dates/separation in between. the one problem i have is that if i view a picture in landscape then lock my phone and unlock it, it changes back to portrait so i have to pick up my phone and place it landscape again (#firstworldproblems), no but seriously, it's kinda annoying. hopefully their 7.1.something updates in the future would fix this. 

marimba isn't the default ring tone now. the calendar is like a calendar, much more easier to browse. the apps can update themselves and then notify you after they've updated. it used to be that they told/notified you if there was an update, but you had to press update for it to do so.

tripview is so good now! when you go to the maps in tripview, they are heaps easier to navigate/see your location, and the roads are more detailed, so when you're trying to find a bus stop on the go, it's easier to see. the tabs for your different trips are so much more sleeker, meaning you can view more at once, like safari. it now has portrait wise full screen browsing. and since iphone 5 and above are all 

i haven't used to new air drop or facetime audio function. #foreveralone. air drop seems pretty good, and the audio facetime has better connection than 3rd party apps, according to other people. 

it's hard to set a wallpaper form your photos. it zooms in a lot, and can't fit a normal photo of what you took and set it (it's hard to explain). the lock sound has become more dramatic. i don't like the font on the camera, and it purposely blurs when you switch between modes/ going to camera roll, which slows it down a bit. the camera lighting is a bit different. like i was trying to take a photo under sunlight, and my mum's 4s which hasn't been updated yet had better lighting compared to my updated one...

everything has become more rounded, and white-like i've mentioned. here's my instagram home page:

in your contacts, people's profile pics have become rounded,  whatsapp has yet to adapt, but they'll probs get forced to. i don't have a passcode (because i ceebs), it's also rounded but it looks really pretty when you press the numbers. there's the added translucency, which makes everything pretty! the calculator has become more "square".

i still will not understand people who buy a 5c. why would you want to pay $740 for a phone in plastic (well it's good quality plastic, but i have yet to feel it), for a phone exactly the same as last years. shoud've gotten a 5, much cheaper in comparison (aluminium and glass for $800, too bad they don't sell it anymore).

wow, i read an article about apple's new ad control. so strict. but hey, they have to keep a standard (:

so there you have it, a view of the essentials of my iPhone. of course, there are heaps more, but you just have to experience it yourself. iOS 7 is worth updating to. it's pretty cool how they released the update before the new iOS 7 devices. i guess i'm happy to have experienced the traditional format for about 9 months, then changing it. apple is right, it really does feel like i have a new iphone!

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