Monday, September 2, 2013

Eyeball Macaron

i had the coolest homemade macaron today!

$2.50, but it's for charity

obviously not perfect.

there wasn't really any initial crunch, and the macaron felt a bit "old" ie not fresh, but hey, it looks pretty cool. it reminded my of donna hay's vanilla macaron packet ix with chocolate ganache.

there' only 35 "eyeball" tickets for my cohort (150+ people), and it was the first 35 to fill in the form at 9pm. i had dance, so i couldn't fill out the form, so i can't gp, but then no one i know is going, so even if i was one of the first 35, it would be kinda lonely. it's a 3 course meal, but at $90, i'd rahter save that money for somewhere else. it's at Ivy, and i really want to go to Ivy, but there's always opportunities to go there to hang out, if i really have nothing to do.

looked into people's eyes today. the only time i want a lab to be longer, then again, i have 5 years of practice into looking, so i can't complain.

freaking out now. every week is some written thing or exam.

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