Friday, September 27, 2013

Le Pain Quotidien Take 2 and Lindt Cafe Take 3

you know how i don't like going to the same place (in terms of cafes) twice unless it's free or super, duper good? well, i went Le Pain again today, using more group on vouchers. they were originally for my cousin who requested them, but he always woke up late, and never had the chance to go. luckily, he still paid us back for it, since i think it's a waste of money to go again.

belgian pot of hot chocolate and danish.

last time we went was July, and boy, there were some huge differences. when we got there, it was about 10.30ish, same as last time. there weren't any almond croissants left, but that was ok since i had that last time, and i managed to get the last danish (: it was nice. not overly sweet and didn't leave your mouth feeling like butter, but was still nice and flaky. with my hot choc this time, i didn't bother scooping every single bit of chocolate since i've had too much sugar these days. 

my mum had the walnut toast. it was nice, except this time, they only had apricot and white choc, or apricot and choc spreads. we ended up with apricot and white choc. both of the spreads were super sweet. last time there was blueberry. they obviously lost some profit from the spreads before eofy, so they most likely ditched the blueberry jam. well, they are expensive, but that jam was so good! also, they used to have their juices in bottles, so it was possible to tke away. we asked for the juices to be taken away, but the guy gave us glasses, and then he transferred it into plastic take away cups. defs filled ripped of in terms of volume. we brought an extra bottle to pour the juice in (outside the cafe, haha), since we knew we wouldn't be able to finish it. turns out the juice was around 350ish mills, heaps less than the 500ml. there was only apple or orange this time, no pineapple, and last time we didn't get the pineapple, so i never tried their pineapple juice ):

sat at this end of the cafe this time.

mirrors in hyde park. waiting to be slightly less full...

went to the lindt cafe at darling harbour. they have a different system to martin place. here you pay and then get a number thing. over there, you sit and then you pay when you leave. once i got there today, i immediately got a mozzie bite, it felt really "damp-ish" or mozzie temperature inside the limited seating in the cafe, so we decided to go outside, but there's minimal shade. the guy at the counter didn't know the "new" product-mocha macchiato. he said they have mocha or macchiato, but not both. then i asked for a dark chocolate mocha, and he said their mochas were all naturally served with dark chocolate. yday at martin places, the mocha was specifically dark choc mocha, and there was another drink called mocha macchiato. also, they didn't have the double glass cups here, so the drink was hot to touch. there's heaps of seating, and even during lunch, more than half the cafe was full. so many kids getting treated to such nice iced chocolates at such a young age. 

hazelnut mocha -$5.70

normal mocha on left, hazelnut on right.

not as pretty, but can't complain cause it's freeee! again, not much coffee in the hazelnut, and not as chocolatey as yesterdays. there were some traces of a hazelnut flavour, and this one was distinctly sweeter than the normal mocha. the normal mocha here, even though it has dark chocolate, had more coffee taste than ydays. just depends on who makes it i guess.

sugar overload. was going to go mother's crepes, but ice cream + soft drink would be way to much. 2.5 drinks and a pastry lasted me until dinner. had an almost vegetarian dinner tonight-had two small pieces of steamed pork ribs. poached eggs are the best in giving natural flavour to udon-like noodles (: must eat healthy at home to compromise all those sugars and calories from just a few drinks.

guess what! our neighbours moved today! finally, i can't stand another year of constant screaming, wooping, partying, revving. yday, my mum noticed that they put heaps of furniture in their garage, and turns out they were moving today. there was a guy at about 7ish putting a sign up, at night (dat logic...), and then the truck came at around 10pm. they didn't have much furniture to begin with, so it only took them an hour. but why on a friday night...? recently they bought this kids petrol toy motorbike, another motorbike and a scooter. not sure if they borrowed it form a friend or what, but past midnight, they rev it up so loud. so glad that they're moving to a house somewhere else. they got a small dog a few months ago, but when it's un attended, it yelps like mad. i'm pretty sure they moved since the house is small, but the owners increased the price about $100, so they might as well pay more for a bigger house which suits their needs. i just hope the next fam coming in is not as "bad-ass". those twins are my brother's age, yet they smoke and drink, since that's what their parents do as well. and they're younger sister always invites the other girls on my street, and they run like crazy on the street, which is super dangerous since cars always go in and out. seriously, what have their parents taught them about street safety? 

bro had his semi today, no idea where. never can get through to him on the phone =/

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