Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fine Food Australia 2013

freeee food galore! fine food is an exibition where heaps of companies promote their products/machines. it's supposed to be for the hospitality industry, but meh, free food (:

it's only once every two years in syd. in yr 11, i had my chem trials, so last time i went was yr 9. they changed the rules this year so that if you're a high schooler, you can't go, even if you're studying at tafe or something. they didn't even check my uni id this time. literally scan and go in.

they opened all 5 halls this time. i didn't have time to go to the "new products winners" section at the edge of the expo.

i missed adriano zumbo yesterday! here they make cakes etc and put it on display on the last day for judging. wow, the effort they put to paint cakes. i also missed kirsten tibballs, i think she came in the morning, but i had optics lec and couldn't miss it. 

this place was promoting their cream which you just simply whip and pipe. these viet people were soooo skilled! they only supply their cream to businesses/don't sell them in shops.

my purple flower on the left (: he just used one nozzle. on the right my mum's pig, the other person also only used one nozzle yet produced all those features. the ink pen was so thin!

i aimed to try all the ice cream-there was soo many that i just couldn't have them all! so some places i only asked for a sample spoon instead of a cup, even though it was free.
movenpick-rum raisin and maple walnut. tried raspberry sorbet after, twas very sweet for a sorbet.

this was called "speedy gelato". in the background, you can see the spatula things. the guy pours the mixture and then he "fries" it, and mixes it like stir fry. the effect was superrrrrrrrr cold gelato. colder than any other ice cream there.

tiramisu and cookies and cream. i had apple crumble and salted lime there as well. this guy was too nice. i wanted to try a spoon of other flavours, and it was the biggest sample ever of a plastic spoon! 

i had salted caramel and apple crumble from gelatissimo. other places i had more slated caramel (to compare which store was the best), cheesecake, mango, pear and ginger and heaps more i can't remember. defs was full on ice cream-had around 10 scoops. 

there was heaps of finger/baked foods, like gourmet pies/sausage rolls/croissants/pizzas. i had this melt in the mouth beef, freshly baked atlantic salmon and even lamb cutlets! they make these foods to show what their commercial ovens can do, and yum, perfectly pink lamb and beef (: even got cafe quality matcha powder. they only supply to cafes, and not to shops yet ): i was at the point where i had to reject free food, since i was so full! and knowing me, that's pretty rare. we already brought boxes along with us, hehe. years of exhibition freebie getting experience.

cool melon cut outs.

this place promoted their icing/glaze. shiniest glaze ever!

my haul of free food and freebies (:

so many other stuff, but i couldn't take a photo of them, since most of the time i was eating ice cream/gelato from a cup, and that requires two hands.

defs ate too much, but it was all so good!

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