Tuesday, September 10, 2013

dayuum, that chem mc test was tricky AND hard, well harder than the sample test/tutorials/lecture stuff/textbook level.

guessed wayyy too much. ok, on the positive side, it's only worth 7%, but stillll, i want chem to pull me up. argh, can't believe i put "can't be determined" for a question. and even all the smart chem people, who put in "pop quizzes" on the fb page, which is super nice and considerate of them and their time, they all have diff answers, like "should there be a negative sign!?" let's just hope over 50%.

got to uni at 8.15 today. it actually feels good to arrive early, but my sleeep =/

mum came back yday with so much food and samples (: can't wait till tomorrow.

last week my brother was sick. i managed to not see him for 42hours even though we live under the same roof.

also had spontaneous froyo last week, with my free three oz voucher from yogurtland.
random flavours, flavours i didn't have last time were pecans and praline and chocolate milkshake, white choc macadamia. 

tbh, these flavours all together were quite sweet/kind of tasted the same, even though i got some sorbet, the acidity wasn't as strong as i remembered. also this time it melted faster/felt softer in your mouth. yogurt world still wins on consistency and everything else apart form price.

the person there was really nice, i asked her how much 3oz was, and i got $1.45 the first time, then added more in, then it turned out to be $1.75 so i paid 10c. 3oz is not much froyo. the guy before me paid for his froyo, then saw the choc/caramel sauce and added heaps onto it, and the person didn't charge him...

soo screwed for next week, but i do love my food (:

feels like summer already ))):

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  1. i seriously have to disagree with you, i find yogurtworld froyo melts the fastest