Friday, May 31, 2013

Vivid Sydney!

even though i had heaps of study to do, i still went to vivid, and it was worth my time. the projections with the music was so good! stayed for about 2 hours, and saw about 1/3 of the stuff.

twas very crowded on a friday night (as you would expect). heaps of parents pushing prams.

didn't want to spam my phone camera. iphone cameras are super good for quick snaps, esp in daylight, but at night, there's too much exposure, so it doesn't focus properly when zoomed, which is why my normal camera is still useful, since it was built/made for night shots.

my favourite? probably MCA and the cranes floating up the tower!

building was so trippy. there was a projection which looked like the building swayed.

MCA. I LOVE THIS COLOUR SCHEME! which is why i also love orchids. purple , blue, aqua, green. (: i also have a scarf with these colours. it was so pretty. there were some which had a waterfall on the building.

just got a glimpse before i left.

interactive light up ground!


gelatissimo! i had the panna cotta with berries. the only reason why i'm disappointed because last time i had paid ice cream, it also had berries in it, so i feel like i'm wasting flavours. Dandelion had tiramisu, which was really nice (:

crowded tunnel

almost missed my bus. actually i missed it, and there was an old lady pointing to me/talking to the bus driver, so the bus stopped at a bus stop which it didn't normally stop at just for me. thank you dear old lady! buses after 8pm comes every once an hour...

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