Monday, May 6, 2013

Baskin Robbins

at first glance, the maths class test wasn't hard, questions were similar to previous years. but when you do it, THE NUMBERS ARE HORRIBLE, AND YOU GET STUPID QUADRATICS WHICH YOU CAN'T DO QUICKLY IN YOUR HEAD. so i didn't finish. they count 3/4 tests, so i must ace the next algebra one. i kind of feel like i wasted that study, but to be optimistic, that study will be put to good use for finals WHEN I HAVE MY BELOVED CALCULATOR(S). my mental arithmetic is so bad, which i why i always hated mentals (from junior maths).

so i have an exam every week except for week 13, until finals.

to brighten up my day, i decided to go baskin robbins since mum got a buy one get one free voucher. i was looking at flavours on the site, but was so disappointed when the towers one didn't have blueberyy panna cotta or the flavour of the month. like they had 8 different chocolate flavours, but chocolate ice cream is too boring.

got "love potion" on right and "berry romantic" on left.

it's not worth it. 4.90 for a scoop, $1 for a waffle cone (the voucher stated you had to get a waffle cone), and mum's scoop was considerably smaller than normal size (them asians being asians. usually when you go to white places/white person serving you, and you have a discount, they still give you the same size). i think this is my 3rd time having baskin robbins. the 2nd was in yr 11/10 when they had katy perry day and gave out free cotton candy ice cream. the first was...primary school...

the flavours we got weren't too sweet (i tried bee-licious and that was sweet, sweet), but it wasn't that creamy either. can't really differentiate baskin robbins as an ice cream brand. and the flavours at towers weren't that great compared to the website. so if i had another voucher, i wouldn't go there again, unless they had blueberry panna cotta. i've never had real panna cotta, only fake ones. like i've had milk custard desserts, which are close, but never a panna cotta properly presented on a plate.

actually, i hardly buy a single scoop of ice cream. the last time was yr 12 ben and jerry, and the time before in never. my mum always says, you can get a tub for a scoop. but in hk, i had ice cream quite a few times. i want haagen dazs now. not satisfied with baskin robbins ): 

also, i bought a pair of jeans today (breaking my no buying clothes rule ;/) but they were super cheap, and probs cheaper than buying in hk where you can't even try them on if you got to the really cheap places=/ i need jeans which i don't care if they fade etc. half of my current jeans are branded, so i don't want to continually wear them to uni since they are going to wear out faster than normal. 

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