Friday, May 31, 2013

Next up: Finals

Finally! no more exams...until finals.
after 8 weeks of consecutive exams/handing stuff in, while keeping on top of work.

algebra was ok i guess, the last questions numbers looked nice, but when i did it , i got heaps of fractions :/

damnnnnnn. eisteddfod the night before 8:45am maths exams. noooooo. and then mid year concert in the middle of finals. damnnnnnn. troupe if fun, but that commitment D=

they were going over babs exam format today, it's kind of weird: 50 multiple choice, fill in the blanks and short response. and then they were saying, if you label everything right except for the last two for diagrams, they'll still give you the mark. and you can give synonyms for you answers. but then, not looking forward to short response. do not get all those dna replicating things. genetics is actually quite interesting. i think that part is the only part which will be slightly relevant to my future.

still have lectures for visn next week ): that's what's bad about having a small course, they can easily decide we need extra lectures/ tutes since they still haven't taught us everything.

i wish i could cram, but i can't. 2 weeks is not enough time.

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