Monday, May 13, 2013

so glad that with maths class test they only count 3/4.

today i walked out of my chem lecture halfway, since i wanted a free bbq. i sat on the live stream side so it wouldn't be too awkward. whenever there's free food, i'm always on the other side of campus, this time i walk there, they aren't ready. NTS: BBQ'S ALWAYS START AN HOUR AFTER THE PROPOSED TIME. i have been expecting to go to at least 3, but they started late and by then, i had class.

tried on troupe costume. nah, can't pull it off ): it's like a leotard with cut outs.

and my friend is sooooooo lucky! her parents bought her a one million+ HOUSE right next to uni. not an apartment/flat/unit/terrace/townhouse/duplex, a single house for her to live in. if only my parents were rich...i would also like to buy a house for my children, it's just so cool.

if i did live by myself, i don't think i would survive. waking up by myself, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. those are soo time consuming, as you may know. travel each day now takes about 3 hours. it would probs take me 3 hours to cook,wash,clean etc for a day, so they kind of cancel each other out, and living at home atm is much better. i still get packed lunches and cooked meals every day after uni (: and leaving near the cbd would feel like i've left my past behind. like church/dance/shops etc would all change...

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