Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Enrolment Take 2

first of all, THANK YOU BITTER FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS/ENDURANCE OF HORRIBLE SERVERS/TIME/EFFORT/SPAM FROM ME. i definitely owe you! i am so sorry you had to undergo the super laggy servers of new south.

all my friends at uni today either had classes/something on/on their way to uni. some people had breaks, but if i asked them, then my enrolment would be done two hours after the times opened, which would then mean i would have a 5-6 lab. I AM CONTENT BECAUSE I AM NOT IN THE LAST LAB for once! thank you bitter! even people who logged in 5 seconds after 12.30 took 45min to finish their timetable. the 12.30 congestion was greater than 9.30 congestion.

seriously horrible servers. like why do they put science kids and com kids on at the same day? like law kids did theirs last week, and it was fine. some com kids did theirs yday, and it was ok. but no, today had to be heaps of people.

sem2 timetable is almost similar to how i wanted it, except for 3 hour break on monday. i am going to send them an email (because apparently that's what people did for sem 1 since they didn't want to go to the last lab), so hopefully i can make the 3 hour break into a one or two hour one.
ANYONE HAVE GOOD EXCUSES FOR ME TO ASK TO GO TO AN EARLIER TIME. please share (: everyone has to finish at 6pm on thurs cause of lecture.

hopefully 31 hours at uni can be cut to 29. also, i do have lunch breaks, so it wasn't as fully crammed as i originally put it.

someone on fb said:" Even auto-timetable can't produce a valid timetable. FML."
that is really fail. 

and to make my day worse, i spilt my buffer solution during chem lab. AND I DIDN'T HAVE A pH METER ON MY WORKSPACE. so damn, had to wait half an hour, and in anticipation of timetabling. fully did my chem prac in 15mins, since there was only 25mins left, yes, people were so slowww with their pH meters, like unsw server's slow.

no idea how to answer/do the calculations. hope people on fb post it

enrolment is equally as stressful as exams, or even more, because they are so unpredictable. it comes to a matter of luck to see who can connect faster.

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