Saturday, May 25, 2013


a whole day of maths, yet i am still 3 chapters behind in calculus, and 1.5 chapters behind in algebra. so sad. it takes me 30mins to do one massive inverse/reduce to row echelon form. and sometimes i'm off for a bit, and spend 15mins trying to find what's wrong with it. in reality, it takes me 30min to find and correct my mistake. sooo time consuming. and i don't want to skip half done questions which i know how to do, i'll rather skip questions which i have no idea how to do (which probably doesn't make sense...) but argh maths. and doing to online test, couldn't do half of it D=

relatives sending me photos of haagen daaz ice cream cake. they're actually expensive, even when you convert to aussie dollars, and they're small ish as well...but they're other cake they had fancy decorative work.

ahhh, algebra....i think i get it it would be easy, like some stuff i get it's do-able, but how would i know when to use matrixes or just sub stuff in or how many solutions are there for planes/lines? hopefully i'll figure this out all tomorrow...

what's also bad about having one eye which is super blurry, is that during visn pracs, i actually can't do them, since you have to use your eyes to look through these instruments/equipment and focus on stuff, but my right eye can't even read stuff at 25 or 40cm (Least Distance of Distinct Vision!).

slept for 10 hours today. oh that extra 2+ hours i could've used....but saturdays is the day where i get enough sleep, and on weekends are the days where i have time to eat massive meals. yes, i do like my food.

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