Thursday, May 9, 2013

ooft, i didn't fail babs mid sem test. as in i passed 50%. one of the coordinators guys were like, a lot of you will be upset with your marks (as we had a harder test), so that was totes comforting == but they may scale our exam, depending if our mean is lower than the cohorts, so yay scaling! even if they scale it, it is only by 10%, which is about a mark. even though all that study i put in did not equate to an ok mark, at least i got over 10/20. i thought i was get a 5. we don't even get to see what we did wrong, but i kind of already knew.

freaking ray diagrams.

some people have 9-6pm for two days. if i had that, i would legit skip lectures, and catch up during breaks on other days.  i'm pretty sure optom/visn is different. you can't change tutes/labs even if there are opened classes or your timetable's don't clash. it just locks you in ): oh wells. they say that they can re-arrange people's timetables. pleasse don't re-arrange mine because other people didn't plan it out and their times clashed.

and dandelion, so thoughtful of you to match you breaks with other people's (:

i think i've become a "uni morning person" ie, a person who prefers 9am starts. think about it. when i have 10 am starts, i just naturally sleep later and sleep in, and then 9-10 when i could be having classes, it's just wasted on sleeping. when i have 9am classes, that 9-10am hour is used more productively, since i'm at uni. i definitely prefer starting early and finishing early (ie before 3pm). i have a 12pm start next sem, which is annoying, since if i bus it, i would have to take the 10:10 bus, since the next on 11:10 is too late, and then they're not express buses, so it takes 1.5 hours to get to the city, NOT during peak hour. ie buses between 9am-3pm are time consuming. but this is not to say I AM a morning person. i make it just in time before the lecture starts. i manage wake a 7, change etc, eat a decent breakfast, watch some sunrise, and get out of the house in 15min. i would rather not think about what to wear and get more time to sleep. (and i've gotten to the point where i wear the same top at least twice a week..)
i guess all this is to prepare me for 8 am starts next year D=

maple practice questions are so long/tedious which makes them hard ):

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