Friday, May 3, 2013

Half Way Through Semester Train of Thoughts

this week was long and short.
1. ahh, babs. today, friday people got an easy test, and some questions similar to thursday. not fair. oh wells, i'll get over it. exoecting 10/20, which means that there is still a possibility of getting a credit if they ask the stuff i know in the finals (and not stuff which are subtlely asked).

2. first of all, my dad finally got an iphone! (well it's his boss's old 4s, but it's been only used for a few months). he really needed on since he was using an old nokia, one which could connect to wifi/had in built gps (which was pretty pointless since it was in the shape of a brick phone). now everyone in my family has an iphone! except for my bro. like he could use my old iphone, but his xperia right now has a larger screen/not as laggy, even though it's over 2 years old. i asked my bro what phone he wants, and he's just like "latest". for me, defs iphone =D i've realised that a few other bloggers (at least three) have also converted to iphone 5 this year. and now all my dad does is play with his phone at night. also, i was trying to use better's s3, and i realised I CANNOT USE A SAMSUNG. it's just so weirdly different and less intuitive/straightforward. also, i think the average user won't even use half of the s4's properties. i was reading an article, and it said how it had touchless swiping, so if you're cooking and your hands are dirty, you can swipe without touching. also it had some eye recignition thing, but fails in  dim lighting. so basically, it's not finely tuned yet, and i doubt you even look at your phone while you cook.

3. really admire Carrie from The Project last night. so courageous to talk live on national television about brain cancer, and how there's this neurosurgeon going to usa to have a conference about a possible cure. if you didn't know, her husband died of brain cancer 2 years ago, and they have a 5 (?) yr old. so it was super brave talking about it in public about such a sensitive/recent-ish thing, which explained the tears...

4. nooooooooooo. i need to get two wisdom teeth taken out. looking at the xrays, it's pretty horrible, since the teeth are growing diagonally, but apparently most of it has come out of the root part (which is supposed to be good news). why am i telling you this? because it means i won't be able to go out during and of sem break. sob. my face will be bloated/swollen, and i won't be able to eat proper food for days. i've already had 4 teeth taken out for braces, and apparently wisdom teeth pain don't compare to taking out 4 teeth pain. ):

5. most unproductive friday. thanks bitter for visiting! usually if i meet up with people, it's probs about half an hour. but it was nice chatting. thanks for explaining Happy Apple and your post. it's actually quite funny, esp your friend. and thanks for the shirt! but i would just like to reiterate, that i won't wear it until federer retires.

6. So kochie and mel casually catch a taxi after sunrise. I thought they had designated drivers...maybe that's just America...

7. mum bought a litre of coconut water for $6. expensive. relos in hk bulk bought like 100 litres per family for about $1 a litre from the us, delivered to their hong kong homes.

8. so in our vision labs today, they were like "everyone is welcome to this lab!" since it's the last lab (5-6pm), like who would want to miss their earlier one and go to a later one..?. they now have name tags for us, to see if people actually come to their labs in their timetable. must be because of all the drama of the past few weeks of people going into earlier labs. i guess i was just unlucky. i did my timetable the day after main round offers, so the only space which i could put down was the 5-6pm lab in order to finish doing my timetable. at that time, only 24 people could go in. but now if you look at it, it's 40/24 of all the labs. from what i heard, they over enrolled people for optometry/vision science, so people who maybe had late round offers/did timetable super late, they couldn't actually put down any times for their labs since every class was already full (24/24 people). so they had to email the coordinator, who manually put them into earlier labs. i had no idea people couldn't enrol in some classes, if only i knew and pretended that the 5-6 was full. if i didn't do my timetable early, then all the other good times for other subjects would be taken, so i guess i would rather have ok times for everything, rather than a good lab time and bad times for everything. not sure if this makes sense.

9. so i received an email today, from uni email. it said that a few days ago, a 2nd year optometry student died (it didn't say how/why). from what i gathered, he committed suicide since he was depressed. is studying optom really that hard? the unnamed guy, who has a slight relation to me since he did the same course as me, is probably the first person i know whose committed suicide ): oh, and it was a legit email. (but why didn't i hear it on the news(?))

10. 3 hours of dance tomorrow. also, the costume for troupe looks really cool, except i don't think i can pull it off. its like this leotard with cut outs (i love cutouts in clothes, their so trendy! except i can never find nice cutouts ):)

11. maths on monday. not ready =/ what if i get a hard paper ):

12. i need to use vouchers for ice cream.

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  1. you're totally wrong elisa, i hate the fact that sometimes i need to use my phone while my hands are dirty(washing dishes, cooking, etc) so touchless swiping would be the bomb

    and trust me cleaning off my hands to use the phone and then going back to cooking and then using phone again is so annoying