Sunday, May 12, 2013

my mum finally knows how to whatsapp/send photos/write in chinese/take photos and focus/send text/use siri. achievement unlocked.

why does my maple not work today ): it's been working fine throughout the week...combination of computer and maths is not a good combo.

i don't feel like i've got a lot done this weekend. like i've turned off mobile data to not distract me from work. typing notes feels as if it takes as long as writing notes. diagrams and adjusting stuff takes so long. i think i've just gotten to the point where everything is hard. chem got easy, then hard, then easy and now calculations are confusing, so i guess i'll wait till the tute, and hopefully she spoon feeds us with answers.

since my last free sausage sizzle i walked past before mid sem break, so far, every time there's free food at uni, i'm on the other side of campus ))):

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