Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it's actually really easy to be lazy and not post, even though i have so much to say. so much to do :/


there was this other deal for Tomislav, hatted restaurant. i've heard/know of the restaurant. it's 100 bucks for four courses, but the deal was 80 bucks for 3 courses, and one hour of watching the chef make stuff/learning and taste testing new creations. i was going to buy one, then thought not worth it, since the choices you get are very limited, and equates to 2 entrees and one dessert, and don't even cook, so why bother learning creative stuff.

but noggi half price! and need to try movenpick ice cream.

i've bought over 6 vouchers, including other stuff, from group on. shall eat them all after exams and before wisdom teeth pulling.

dear friends, thanks for visiting! catching up with people is good. but i've "wasted" over 3 hours talking with people this week and skipped my 2nd chem lecture, and left a lecture early for the 2nd time D=
the things i do to get home early...

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