Sunday, May 26, 2013

out of all the stockings my aunt got me last year (there were about 20 pairs), i don't have a full black sheer pair of stickings with no gusts(?). the part where there's this line. need to go buy more stockings ):

and another thing i forgot to buy in hk: bright red lipstick, because even non branded make-up in aus is not cheap.

also, i fugured out why my phone battery lasted longer than normal on friday! so i was procrastinating (as one does, even though i am behind on work), and connecting your phone on wifi last for 10 hours, whilst connecting to 3g last 8 hours (continous use). on fri, i felt like connecting to uni wifi, and thus, my phone lasted longer than normal. i thought 3g used more battery, but now that i think about it, it makes sense, since 3g have to connect to mobile stuff further away than wifi connection...

but new record! i managed to use 900mb of mobile data in a month, probs because i watched heaps of videos from whatsapp and downloaded heaps of lecture notes without saving them, and then repeatedly download massive files on my phone. still had 600mb left unused. i've always been using 3g at uni, since mobile internet is more expensive than wifi, and since i get 1.5gb, i utilise the expensive option. but then uni wifi is not bad, and it saves more battery, (i like to save battery), so probs leave wifi on.

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  1. uni wifi is actually ridiculously, ridiculously fast. have you tried the speed tests on it, it has like 24 mb/s download, which is like five times faster than the standard home internet