Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daniel's 18th

it was good seeing people/meeting new people/good experience.

my dad offered to drive me, so that i could drink etc, but i felt bad since it's 45min on way, so back and forth two times would be about 3 hours. anyways, i didn't mind not drinking.

tbh, if i was to damage my liver, i would rather drink expensive and posh alcohol rather than cheap stuff to damage my liver. expensive alcohol is soo good, but even cheap red/white/sparkling wine is good, you just have to know which brands are good. oh the stuff i learn during my hk trip...

people were really nice and told me what stuff were doused in alcohol. yes, the lollies and watermelon (?) were soaked in alchy, and people on their P's actually didn't drink (yes, i'm surprised since i thought people would take a sip)

but it was a good night, and quite "lol" watching others.

didn't get too play with the sparklers! ): next time.

winter! time to get out my coats and boots, although it was boots weather once it started raining. it's not even that cold yet, once it reaches 15 max, then i will wear my coats. a jacket for me is ok these days, since i get really warm/hot walking around uni. my friend whose was a gymnast/fully toned lost heaps of weight/ STICK THIN, and now she gets cold super easily, so keep some fat on guys, it does help with keeping warm ;)

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