Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Extra rehearsals already

4 hours of dance in two days. three more on the weekend.

troupe dance is so cool. like the beginning is unique (: it's supposed to be an illusion that there are less people on stage than really.

today i did no work. so much emailing/typing/texting/sorting stuff out for my weekends/church stuff.

should i go myc? i'm scared once i have my wisdom teeth taken out, the pain will ruin the experience/fun. and not many first years are going ):

in bible study today, twas quite cool. finding meanings which at first glance, you can't find (: oh, just realised, it kind of linked to sunday's sermon-"hold on!"

urgh, what is uni doing to me. my face is 10x worse than hsc. and i eat healthily/sleep 8 hours, exercise more than hsc. must be the transport. ):

fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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