Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MC Chem

i did study for it, but not fully since i feel more comfortable with it than bio.

so while doing the exam, it felt alright. but on the train, i was thinking, and then realised oh wow, i did so much stuff wrong. that after exam feeling of what you know definitely got right and wrong and those in betweens. so now my max is 14/20, i definitely know i did 6 things wrong, not during but a while after the exam ):
luckily it's only worth 10%. also, i handed in my chem lab last week, and didn't realise it was actually worth something towards you final mark, so i didn't do it properly, but still managed a "credit range" mark. also, luckily i didn't have to run to the test, since chem lab finished 40min early for me (new record!) i was lucky since i had the ph meter in my workspace, so the person next to me had to wait until i finished.

i should go study for bio tmr. that is something which i have tried, and have a feeling i will mind blank. seriously, something is wrong with me head this week. it hurts, like the inside. this has never happened for over 2+ days =/ must be studying bio. that's the only variable that's changed so far.

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