Thursday, May 2, 2013

BABS Mid Sem

for those who don't know, the exams for babs gets progressively harder each day. and my test was on today (thursday) so it was considered hard, and yes, it was.

ok, it was actually really tricky. like mc, it wasn't straightforward like monday's test, it actually tested you on applied knowledge (since when did bio have applied stuff?), like instead of saying "what are the processes of photosynthesis" the question was like " which one is incorrect, and each choice a,b,c,d,e had three option, and saying which stuff were reduced/oxidised. like i'm pretty sure we were supposed to remember how through the whole 10 steps, it produces atp and nadh, but you had to think what stuff changed, which they didn't tell us in lectures. then other stuff i mind blanked on. like they didn't tell us what the dogma of biology was. and only one person left 10min early. apparently on monday, heaps of people left 20min early. 

and with this test, each mark is worth 1%, so fingers crossed i'll pass. no matter how much study i did, the questions for my paper were weird. trying to be optimistic...a harder test is more useful in the long run.

my demonstrator guy is actually pretty good. he printed out individual slips with our marks on it on our peer reviewed essays/peer marking stuff. you know me and my marks, i don't like telling/people knowing. other people just read their marks from a roll.
there's this girl who's mum did med, and teaches her all the bio stuff. people with smart parents/teachers are so lucky.

and i skipped my first ever lecture today! feels good. jks. it was cause i had babs after and wanted to revise. tried to watch the lecture, and i can feel i don't like the guy. he just read off the slides, even though he gave us a printout of the slides w/ worked solutions.

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  1. ah i totally sympathise. I hate photosynthesis and i really hate the mc bio quiz we had x_x