Saturday, May 4, 2013

argh maths is getting hard. compared to all my other subjects, maths was easier, but now everything is hard.
stupid curve sketching, wasting all my time. like heart shaped curves and spirals are cool and alll, but they take forever. and we're supposed to measure with protractors and ruler. i'll probs do that for finals, but ceebs practicing. and matrices are cool, and you only use simple add/multiply functions, but figuring out what order, and to what row and what operation to use is so time consuming, and the rest of the algebra course is more vectors and matrices =/
so glad i don't do discreet maths. apparently that's like need full on logic maths, and full thinking caps. and it's basically proving theories, rather than calculating.

wasted 2 hours on ray tracing. stupid values don't correspond so my diagram doesn't work ))))): you know in vision, we spend an hour on deriving equations with diagrams, so if they ask us to derive something, would that take up half the time for our finals? i hope not.

feel like i'm failing (already. and then i think, did the 2nd year optom student who died felt like a failure? apparently his family wants to keep it a minimal thing, so no one except for his close friends no who it is, oh and probs the uni, since they have to record all this stuff. i mean, i don't even know for sure if it's a guy or girl.)

i've decided writing notes is a waste of time.

so sad. waste so much time thinking instead of doing because i don't know how to do it ):

if only i could change my way of thinking (brings back ext1 eng memories =/)

that feeling of failing first year.

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  1. No, have hope! 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' :) Hard work always triumphs (Y)