Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 11

i am ao angry/annoyed with the world right now. (oh wow, makes me sound teen angsty =/)

exam at 9am today. i left the house half an hour earlier than normal. USUALLY, the earlier you leave, the less traffic you experience. OUT OF ALL THE DAYS FROM DAY 1 TO WEEK 11 FRIDAY, I EXPERIENCED THE WORST TRAFFIC JAM EVER. FROM LANE COVE TUNNEL ALL THE WAY TO M2 EPPING. that's at least 20km of traffic. so it took me 1 hour 40min to get to the city, usually it's <1 hour. and then i had the slowest driving bus driver to uni. got there at 10 past 9 after running to class. and the annoying thing is that i couldn't see what was making the traffic. t has rained before, but the weather hasn't caused this much traffic before. luckily they didn't start yet, but by then i wasn't in a test mood. couldn't even study on the bus because i was panicking about arriving there on time. then 10 more people arrived when the test started. for finals, i will have to leave the house by 6:15am, to have 45mins stuck in traffic.

but damnnn. all that study, and i still mind blanked on a few questions. they said it was "going to be easy" but everyone said it was hard, then they said "we'll mark it leniently" but we'll never get our test back so we'll never know ):

and bus ride back felt like a vip bus ride, 10 people on the whole bus, so it took less than 40min from city to back home. oh, and bus ride back to central, sat next to this girl and she started talking to me. she's in her final/3rd year of journalism, but she won't be doing a journalistic career. personally, i think journalism has died. which brings me to my next topic. THIS WEEK THIS NUMBER HAS RANG ME 3 TIMES A DAY FOR 5 DAYS. it started with an 03 area code, so form melbourne, the only number that has called me before was from SMH, since we used to be subscribers, but ended it. so i have been silencing/ignoring all those calls for the whole week except for today, and sure enough, it was SMH asking for subscribtions. we already received a letter saying to re-subscribe, but seriously, it's only like 30% cheaper, whereas last time it was 70% cheaper. anyways, i just told the person they had the wrong number (hopefully they would stop calling me). and you know the whole story about SMH being tabloid size, i think it's easier to hold, BUT reading news on phones are so much better (or ipads for all those business people in the morning was like a bigger screen compared to their iphones...) starting to sleep on buses since i get less than 8 hours of sleep these days. sleep for about half an hour to and from city, which makes up to 8 hours of daily sleep. and half the people sleep on the bus.

i am behind on everything, and i am super annoyed. usually i prioritise stuff, BUT EVERYTHING I HAVE TO DO AND STUDY FOR IS IMPORTANT! what to do!?

also on wed, 2.50 moochi. i already skipped a third of the line, but still had to wait 45+min. I REGRET BUYING IT. there, i said it. since they had to mass produce it, there wasn't enough flavour in it. i got watermelon and strawberry cheesecake w/ green apple pearls, mango pearls and mochi (last time they didn't have mochi at george st...). not worth my time. i wanted coconut, but they didn't have it since it ran out. also, their production line was very slow. like they let people take photos of the food, instead of hurrying up to serve it. i mean, use common sense, there's a 50m queue, you can take photos of the toppings/froyo some other day when there isn't a queue instead of blocking your fellow work mate serving people.

it's sooo small. i take back what i said about noggi. moochi used to be the cheapest. i shall do a photo and price list comparison when i have time. already, from jan to may, they have decreased size and increased prices. by next year...

no time to go to Vivid Sydney, so taking photos on the bus. couldn't really see the opera house going northbound on the bridge ): (since you're on the further side of the bridge away from the opera house). but hk light shows are heaps better.

something happened to my right eye contact. my right eye started to screw up reallllly badly, and then looking at the lens, there seems to be a scratch and a mark on it, so it doesn't work properly. now i can't see anything form my right eye, i can only make out the shapes of objects, so i'm depending on my left eye for vision, and the difference in power between my eye is and feels super large, so my perspective of things feel different, and it tires my eye quickly and starts to hurt. i was going to wait until end of next week, since i still have exams/reports due next week, but i can't wait, like my eyes hurt from being tired. so going to appointment next week. hopefully my contacts gets fixed soon.

damn, some hk relatives can afford to have "wagyu beef parties with matching wines" which my uncle bought directly from Japan and also smoked salmon w/ matching salads which my cousin brought direactly from canada, and now they're whatsapping photos and it's making me hungry. how i wish you could bring meat into aus (actually, i don't, since there would be so many diseases, and aus would become filthy...)

long post. feeling annoyed at wasting time. but i needed to let my thoughts out or else i wouldn't be able to focus on studying. the only good news is that my phone is surprisingly not on low batteries despite leaving mobile data/wifi on and phone calls/photos etc etc from 7am to now. frustrated at questions and not enough time. ):

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