Saturday, March 3, 2012

Three Generations of Papermate Kilometrico Pens

this was too exciting not to double post:

i was slowly cleaning out my car, and found a very old pen (but still works). then i have always kept the middle pen which has already run out as a "textbook mark the page when doing maths" pen. and i just opened a new pack. and viola, you can see the differences in designs etc. the place where the put the cap on top of the pen also differs a bit, and the new pen starts off light (not dark then light as it runs out)

i had a blueberry cheesecake kit kat just then. it was scrumptious and smelt soooo nice. oh, how i love Japanese foooooooood. ((((((((:

i love food in general, but today, all i had was a sandwich, some sweet potato chips, and some dinner. surprisingly i'm not that hungry. i slowly starting to eat less each preparation for going out to dinner with relatives in May, and also when they go camping/cairns and my bro and i have to survive by ourselves, which won't involve much cooking done, and more like microwave leftovers for a few days for breakfast lunch and dinner...

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  1. I'm quite nostalgic about these pens, don't ask me why. I like the oldest style, with 'papermate' in normal capital letters.