Tuesday, March 6, 2012

extension 1 teacher wasn't here today and yesterday. )))))): only 2 more weeks left before exam. AND HE'S NOT HERE! just like last year before exams he wasn't here, but my class is smart so mostly everyone got above average....need to re think creative and do essayyyy. the only subject which i have an equal amount of chance of getting state rank as everyone else (since we haven't had any assessments for ext, and here's not here...) so glad i forced him to go through my creative from before, but the comments weren't surprising....and the sub we had, she was horrible, at least let us do our own work instead of reading the play and repeating what the play says in her own words, i bet we all know more about the play than she does, no jokes.
i can't think of anything else apart from adv essay. can't even do maths homework.

spent over half an hour digging out all/used and new stationary that i was going to chuck out but now donating to year 9's charity thing. hope the box is still there...it feels really bad to chuck out new stationary, actually to chuck out new anything is bad...

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