Wednesday, March 21, 2012

simpsons 500th episode.
kind of similar to the movie how they live in a different place.
you can totes tell difference between HD and old tv, since when they show old simpsons episodes, everything is blurry-ish.

my eyes start to die from 11.30am. it's really weird. no time to get it checked. but must be because i'm sick....

ahhh, i've only done maths today. =/

screwed for englishhhhhhhhh

side note, girra's jackets look pretty gangster (in a good way...)

my april holidays are fully booked. 3 days camp, 2 days medentry, 3/4 days work at easter show-possibly, 1 day go out with mum to have yum cha with group on voucher, 1 day girra friends/1 day with baulko friends = no days to study/ do homework ):

oh, and today's date is palindromic (: 21.3.12

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