Wednesday, March 14, 2012


yesssss. free boost. I just said my name is Lisa and the person glanced at my id and was like ok. didn't have to explain my name "had a silent E". being asian, i chose the most expensive drink and the largest size. i got juice, which i haven't tried before. i usually have smoothies, since they are a tad cheaper. it was $7+ if i had to pay...

if i was really asian (and had a lot of time on my hands), i could have gone to the other boost and asked for another one. except even if i did, i wouldn't drink 2 large boosts... and if i didn't have my HSC, then i would have drove to other boost to get some for friends, (but i guess it depends if the person who is selling it to you is nice and accepts my name even if it's not really Lisa...)

(i also realised that my car was soo old it didn't have cup holders =/)

yay i'm happy (:

and thank you bitter for the heels!!! (: (they may actually be a teeny tiny bit big, but i'll manage) they are so cool (:

day 2 of eng adv next module and already have heappppps of info. i can only pretend i have read the novel because i do not have a single minute to read it. i haven't even started porperly studying.

eng ext 1 is sooo much more work this time, especially if it needs to sound good.

arghh,  our maths teacher said the 3U paper is hard, usually teachers are like "oh, just study and you'll do fine" but not this time. it's just plain hard.

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