Friday, March 30, 2012

i took a super big risk yesterday.

slept at 10pm, hoping i would wake up early to study.
set 2 alarms, woke up at 6.15am. EARLIEST i have woken up this whole school term. shows how scared i am/was about the test.

I AM NEVER EVER STUFFING MYSELF WITH JUNK FOOD IF I DO NOT TAKE A STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE AND I ONLY STAY AT HOME. worst decision ever. indoor air, then i think i was really disappointed with myself since the info didn't get into my head after 2 days, so i resorted to food.

felt soooooo bloated, as in...vomit...going to explode/sick/nothing sank in. so i slept early. i think i should start sleeping early then wake up early like Happy Apple. i'm getting old, i think i'm at the stage where last night minute crams don't work for me. dad's sick as well, please stay away from me until wed. he's actually never sick, but when he is, it is a really bad sick =/ i only just got well like a week ago....and my bro was sick 2 months ago....

i know of three school's who had phys today. I FRICKEN GOT TRICKED IN MULTIPLE CHOICE,......AGAIN!!!! and why did i have to change stuff last minute? USE LOGIC ELISA! there goes five marks and 50 ranks ):

most scared about their marking criteria.

so unproductive today. ):

oh, Space Chimps IS SO RELEVANT TO PHYSICS. in like the half an hour i watched, they talked about orbital velocity, safe-re-entry, using nose cones, escape velocity, thrust, momentum, and they were so cute! missing out on monsters vs aliens):

ooft. family feud, ok not really. so my uncle is coming over this weekend and so we're just having a dinner at home. he asked my cousin and bf if they wanted to come over. BUT my mum never gave permission for him to invite other people. mum doesn't really like that cousin because i various reasons which i may say another day. from the convo, it seems as if she doesn't want to come over on Sunday (please don't come, i have a super duper hard maths test the next morning) ok, she won't read this *sends telepathic/viral message. but that uncle is super duper nice in many ways, so my mum then felt ok if i wanted to invite my cousin over....

i actually count the hours i spend doing things. like i can recall the last 48hours which i spent doing stuff. time passes soooo quickly, esp during home time.

i figured, 2 day breaks are actually not that good. i feel less motivated somewhere during the "break"
my friend has a 6 day break. her timetable is soooo chill.

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  1. Yay for the early hours :) Also, I have Kyck information for you on Monday! I wish you motivation and productiveness for the rest of your study! (Y)