Friday, March 23, 2012


everyone, including teachers and friends have told me to breathe.

but it's quite hard since you find out on the last day you have been doing your extension essay all wrong. (well your teacher tells you one thing which is totally against ALL the other teachers and students advice/ways to do the essay)

so i need theorists.

soooo screwed. and i wanted to start memorising it today, except it's not completed.

and maths.

and jap.

and phys. will have to wait until after maths/jap.

dad came home after 2 weeks from a business trip. i still remember two weeks ago. we had torrential rain.

next two weeks, and the two weeks after that are going to flyyyyyy.

so stressed. and planned to not be stressed. but my essay is =/

3 more fat booklets on module b. funnn. jokes. i think half the grade probs just chucked out adv notification. they should have given us an article to make it more "useful" apart from knowing we have to analyse a 4marker poem...

thank you God for getting more better before exams (: (i thinks there is really bad grammar used...oh well....)


  1. lol, you're considering jashan's warning about mcdavitt's advice? it could be me just being stubborn but,
    i'm going to stick to what he said, refering to what he said about our essay about the 1990s: "there MUST be a deliberate structure that adds to your argument"
    and i'm not sure what theorist's there are to quote from, since we're not doing module A: Genre, which very, very primarily concerns genre theory! which entails genre theorists, which, in an essay, requires the quotation of such genre theorists.

    we're doing module B, i don't think you're going to find a theorist who is going to tell you why W.o.T. affects context and texts. but it probably would help you to use one.

    really, do breathe, if you are listening to what jashan has said, i think she is just like chicken little, warning her class that the sky is falling down.

    sorry though, for providing a conflicting perspective here, if you had already resolved to start again. idk, sorry

  2. ahh, thank you, that's actually really helpful advice (: yeah, i really don't have the time to randomly quote random theorists...


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