Sunday, March 18, 2012

physically/mentally suffering.

one week.

and eng ext essay is no where near ok.

can't even do maths paper in the given amount of time ):

brain not focusing ):

poor Thorpe ): i'm upset for him, but it was pretty obvious he wouldn't make it, since there are sooo many more young people who are good. like 14yr olds already trying out in olympic trials :O they are all soo extremely muscular and tall. i think he started training too late, and i don't think he'll be good enough for 2016 olympics, but you'll never know.

one day. i'll go see the olympics live.
i've only seen the paralympics back in 2000 syd. (i think we got free tics from primary school or something.)
i'll go overseas to a country i've never been before to see the day...when i have moneyyy...

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