Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i hoping that my creative writing will compensate for my non-existent essay.

well it does exist, but i don't think you can call it an essay, since it's argueless.

we got a sub yday for ext1 and she told us to "answer the thesis" seriously, is your going to pretend to teach, at least pretend to get the basics right. i'm hoping with the rest of the class to not have her next time (or i will make people protest...like Girra..haha..)

i've slept for more than 9 hours the past three nights. that's at least a 2U time paper wasted into sleeping instead of studying, but i need to sleep. when i'm sick, my eyes go superrrrrr blurry. more than normal. like it's ok in the morning, then they die by lunch=/

that James Magnussen guy is like the new Thorpe for the younger generations.

hahaha. my brother is now bold. it's really funny.

i decided to put my "Don't even think about knocking, i'm studying" door tag thing on our front door (:
it's really funny

my brain's not working ): all i want to do is sleep. but must finish essay.

i am going to publicly promise that i will start memorising my essay on thursday, do 2 past papers by thursday, memorise half of creative by thursday night, and get some phys/jap in between by friday.
this way, i hope i can do it since i'm telling you.

too much other stuff...really need my brain turned on right now.

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