Friday, March 9, 2012

it's a comparative essay =/

i should really stop sulking about english. but i can't because  I FOTGOT ALL THE LINKING SENTENCES AND THEY WERE GOOD SENTENCES WITH NICE WORDS. it's a freaking comparative essay and i forgot the crucial links. so i had a few moments where i just sat there and heard everyone writing. that was like a minute wasted. and i left gaps in my essay, first senior essay which i have done that ):

my poor atar and english mark. band c. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

i have learnt my lesson: never memorise an essay the day before. at least two days. i've spent sooo much time on editing than memorising. all that time gone to waste ))))))))))))))))))): it was soo obvious it was going to be the third ques, since it was the only one that made sense. i don't think i answered the question properly ):

seriously how do people do it? smart, fun, watch video's, sleep early, do all their hw/tutoring hw and sitll catch public transport. oh, second time i caught a bus this time. first time catching the towers bus. they have $1 muffins at this cafe....

i made myself happy by watching the video about the new iPad. apple stuff makes me happy (: the pixels thing makes it sooo cooool. now i kind of want an ipad, but i will have no use for it whatsoever. i still want SIRI!!!!!!! it's sah cool. wonder what it will be like in iphone 5...

and i watched the kony 2012 video, the kid is soooo cute and innocent. it actually was a good time to spend 30mins on it. it reminded me of high resolves, raising awareness and all that.

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  1. I imagine it's possible to do all those things BAR the sleeping early.


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