Monday, March 12, 2012

nooooo this has never happened to me before. i lost a maths worksheet. and it was on logs / exponentials which i suck at ):

i was full pumped to spend the rest of the night doing it. now i just wasted time finding it ):

maybe i just thought i've seen it.

soo frustrating.

english is frustrating. ext 1 teacher leaving next term, and we are going to end up with a super duper bad teacher. it has been foreshadowed. no other class does our elective ):

yay!? no more morning classes. soo dodgy, only one period a week to work on ext2

and my new-er calculator lost half of its equal sign. super sad )))): told my bro and he's like, i've lost 5 things on my calculator...i don't even bring it to school. i like the replay thing on it, but what if i get confused between the two minus signs in the exam?
my one from year 7 still looks/works normal.

i think i get to pick tile colours in the hols =D i've never been able to pick my room colour etc. it's just standard white-ish with a tinge of cream. personalised rooms are cool, but when you move out, it's kind of awks to have like a "girls" room if the next household is guys...

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