Saturday, March 3, 2012

5 years ago, the dam was a third full, we were in drought, and had water restrictions. do you guys remember them? something about no sprinklers, restricted times to hose stuff, wash cars on grass. only two days ago the dam overflowed. no more drought, for now. thank you God (:

it's kind of funny how people can't get to school because it's flooded. like last year, that thought wouldn't have occurred. by poor people (like one or two) trapped out there, missing out on vital HSC stuff.

did you know, study of religion is compulsory in some catholic schools. apparently IT'S SOOOO EASY THAT IT SCALES DOWN. like this guy got 100% and it scaled to 96. sucks to go to a school with compulsory subjects (not counting eng) I FINALLY GET WHY "EASY" SUBJECTS GET SCALED DOWN. because you don't even have to rote learn, know understanding/concepts/calculations/not opinionated..

wow, notes get circulated among people really easily. like, last year i had a chem teacher who is doing like 6th year med, and gave a set of notes, which were the same as my friend's notes from nsb which are the same as my phys teacher who probs found some notes and decided to print it for us. it's like how tutors and students have this set of "universal" notes passed around, while the teachers are unaware of such things.
the new tutoring booklets are more sleek, sturdier cover and is coloured, which means the tutoring place is getting richer and richer

mccain sweet potato chips are the bomb (: healthy, not artificially sweet, not too salty, just the right balance of eating sweet potato in chip form (:

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