Sunday, March 4, 2012

i think my parents want to renovate the downstairs bathroom. and i want to pick tile colours and design the bathroom!!! except i have something called the HSC which prevents me from spending some random amounts of time going to Bunnings etc and look for colours, except i have voiced my opinions on what i think it should be.

i hand in an essay hoping that the teacher would cut down chunks and chunks of words like last year. but no, she cuts two words, and adds in 10. so my paragraph was originally like 210, now its 254, and i have to answer the question in the exam. no way would i be able to write 280 words for one paragraph, and no way can i write 13000+words in exam conditions. it's sooooo fustrating. she just adds more and more and more etcetc.

i know now when i write Module B, to write nothing and she will add on, unlike last year when i write heaps and she just cuts it to relevant parts.

i guess phys notes will just have to wait

and noooo, ext 1 story....will have to wait as well. super sad face.  i don't know what to do with it...

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