Sunday, March 25, 2012

ahh, i'm nervous, but not as stressed as thursday/friday/bit of saturday

i think, there is extra pressure from ext 1 since it's our first assessment, and it weighs the most. i wish someone trained me to be ambidextrous when i was little, so 13 years later, i can write at max speed, for one essay, then it can have a good 40min rest while the other hand does the work. it would be soooo convenient, especially in advanced.

really scared about the money questions in 2U

hope my ears are alert during listening. and i hope i somehow memorise important sentences.

and somehow get 2 modules of phys in 2 days

and revise hard 3u maths in 2 days

and cram belonging related stuff in one day

and cram jap speaking sentences in one day

and get good amount of sleep (:

renovating a bathroom costs about the money of a new small car. luckily my dad knows how to do half of it, so it would cost less (:

little breaks are good. like going to church, and half an hour of modern family (:

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