Wednesday, March 7, 2012

skimming through, the eng questions seem ok.

but, no 1 says "A common idea or experience" they want us to talk about one idea!? so it's grammatically inconreect. so is no 2, the more you reaad it, the more it doesn't make sense in terms of grammer.
which leave no 3, which i somehow don't know what to write about without reiterating the question.

first time bringing my laptop to school. well it's about a year old, so i decided to bring it...

first time buying Group on vouchers. it wasn't high tea, it was yum cha....but over 1000 were bought, so my and i decided to buy one

western crackling pork tastes better than asian ones

time to memorise...
i still am way too many words over... ))):

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