Sunday, March 11, 2012

i came back from church and saw my desk, almost had a heart attack, sooo messy =/ because of eng ext

ahhhh two weeks, haven't even started on maths ))))):

i really should stop thinking about pointless stuff: like what the new iPhone this year will be like...watched the video on the ipad "smart cover", it makes it seem cooler than it actually is...which is surprisingly cool...
and places to eat...
and things to buy...

i have such a smart friend! she graduated for Lmus cello, and she's ONLY IN YEAR ELEVEN!  only cello Lmus graduate in aus for 2011 :O Amus is already hard to pass, like only 1 in 7 pass it, and usually they are older people who pass, and my friend passed Lmus already! she's just one stage away from australia's highest grade/ diploma thingy. sahh cool, wearing a university gown thing before you even attend/finish uni.

no wonder why she got a schlorship for this rich private school

and this other guy who accompanied my bro in violin last year or the year before... accelerating in chem, phys and bio. and passed Amus piano in like year 8, and finished 8th violin, and almost finished some other instrument...
soo lucky, finishing half his hsc this year, those lucky private schools with more opportunities to accelerate..

soooooo screwed for half-yearlies )))))):

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