Saturday, March 10, 2012

i had a dream yesterday that i owned an ipad. i don't know why. maybe it's cause i watched the video before i slept last night =/ why do i remember such pointless stuff? like how the pixels are 4 times better than ipad two, and how it has more pixels than our lcd flatscreen tv.

there's this guy at tutoring and he's super organised with diary, folders for each subject and notes etc. so people were doing maths in the break, and asked him a question. BUT APPARENTLY HE DOES 2 UNIT MATHS! shock horrow from the class, since he's soo good at physics and seems like those maths nerd guys. apparently his and eng/history/ legal type of person.

lion king was on today. those childhood movies <3 i remember i saw the Lion King Musical back in year 3 :') it was sooooo good.
i don't get why it was a movie premiere though. i'm pretty sure it's been on tv before...maybe it's hd this time so it was a premiere....the lion king is as old as me (:
good movies were on tv tonight.

i should stop watching tv.

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