Tuesday, March 27, 2012

record exam length.

i hope to never ever have 5 hours 15mins + of exams in 6 hours, with like less than 30min break. my head literally hurts, actually more of my neck...

just like that, half of my exams over in two days. it's sooo brain draining, hardly even studied phys today.

that feeling that the exams was ok, then the 7 hour after realisation that you got a super duper duperrrrrrrrrrrrr easy question wrong, which will cost you precious marks and 20 rank drop. and that feeling 2 hours later when you realise you didn't answer the question properly ))))))))):

glad it was jap with maths not phys with maths. jap is my worst subject, but oh wells, hopefully i'll improve heapppppps in 4 months.

so, my rich uncle who is still single and owns a company rang last night to say he was coming to syd this weekend. last month he went to london, japan, china. he probs only spent like 3 days at home/hk, and now he's coming to aus with his friend. also going interstate as well. i live in aus and i haven't been interstate as much as him. and he's going to costco next monday! too bad i still have exams. such sudden decisions. so cool, i want to one day suddenly feel like going somewhere then go, kind of like impulse shopping, but impulse flying...can't go out dinner/lunch because i need to studystudystudy.

just spent 20mins typing up for my aunt how to come to my house from international airport by public transport. that length is probs the same as going from hk to the toppest part of china. lol, the bad quality of aus public transport. have to change a million and one place. like hk to place you staying is just a cheap taxi fare away.

i really hate how leigh and jennifer won. the boys deserved it so much more, and their desert was gorgeous!

you know, vanilla ice-cream oreo doesn't even taste like what i thought it would be. it's just ice (space) cream. it has this sort of minty/icey feel and then the normal-ish cream of oreos.

soo much competition...

oh, and i went into the exam centre toilets today! they were soooo clean, like new, since no-one uses them, and basically only yr 11/ 12 use the exam centre, and toilets are for emergencies, except after jap i went, first time going in there, twas cool (:

wow, didn't meant to write soo much, just toooo much bottled up inside of me, i could go on...

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