Friday, September 16, 2011

yesterday i read smh on my phone while on the 1hr bus trip home which takes less than 15mins by car...rage...i want my P's.....anyways, it said that people who walk over 10 000 steps a day have 5 more years of living and reduce rates of cancer.
well, that's about 5km.

on days like today, i don't even think i walk 100 steps.

if i was faster at maths, my study sesh would be so much more productive.
instead, i spend half an hour pondering over one question which normal people can get in less than a minute.

the day before 2U, there were 105 ppl on fb chat, and i was thinking, don't people need to study, and then i think, well they are natural geniouses who can do good without studying...
above average for 3U would be perfectly fine for me.

and, my mum went to have lunch at the asian place in cherrybrook shops. well, the dishes were cheap-ish except to cover the cost of it's slight cheap nice, they charge tea for $1 and take away containers for one dollar! what a rip off, i mean max is like 50c. so in the holz, im gonna go there with my mum and take the $1 takeaway container there for food we on purposely don't finish, just for the lulz. and then they can't rip us off.

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