Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i am so. angry. right now. asdghfjkl

if only i did the maths homework then i could have gotten 6 extra marks.
they question in tutoring was the exact one in the test and it wasn't even hard. it's only hard in exam conditions =/
and, i screwed speaking soooo badly. she had to prompt me again. and my "intonation is not natural" )))))))):

and i glanced at the ruse 3U paper today, and the last question was worth 5 marks D= even we didn't have any 5markers. and it's ruse!! so it must have been soooooooooooooo hard.
and ruse's prefect video is pretty good (:

anyways, it's my mum's bday except we don't have time to go out for dinner....
and it's like the 2nd time my mum's cake is not from an asian shop (: i personally don't really like asian cakes cause their all sponge and not worth their weight and full of cream which is not even special cream.
i know what i want for my 18th next year, it's food (:  and i'm quite sure it's worth more than an iPod touch or its equivalent...

and i hate the new fb.
and i think i'm going to come last in Jap ): it's one of those things that pure study doesn't really work, you just have to be a natural at it.

oh, and i caught 3 buses home today, yet it saved me half an hour compared to catching 1 bus.
and i want to shop.

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  1. i like asian cakes. the sponge and cream is nice, haha.

    i want to go shopping too!


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