Thursday, September 8, 2011

today felt like a holiday.

i woke up realllly late and missed brekkie, which is not good coz if i woke up normal time then i could have had 3.5hrs more to study

i'm going to fail maths, even though i'm putting effort into it. i just don't get it when there's no worked solutions ):

and i realised today how incomplete my phys notes are after going through just one past paper.
and i wanted to work on eng today, but woke late so didn't work on it ):

my dance teachers has free tix to watch footloose in the cinemas. except it's on my mum's bday and the day before my last exam ):
and that last exam i am not going to study until after 3U maths.

and i am ever so screwed for everything else, even though i have 2-3 less subjects than everyone else

my mum went to fine food today again and since it was the last day, instead of giving out samples they gave out whole packets of food (:
this time mum got more drinks than deserts. and now we have heaps of random lollies and biscuits. but some are really nice brands like the qantas plane cookies <3
and also, my mum saw Adriano Zumbo, kinda jelly....

i think my main priority is maths, because all the stuff you learn continues until when we leave school. and then english is next important.
and my effort for phys is nowhere as much as effort as i would like to put in. maybe it's because only 99% won't appear in the hsc exam.
jap is like maths :S i WISH to be above average.
i should shut up now and do some study.

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  1. There are always people you can ask to help you work through it; Ie, Worked Solns.

    I dunno who does Jap though, that you could ask. *shrug*

    But y'now, you've probably got a very good math and english teach.