Saturday, September 24, 2011

drove by myself for the first time today (:
now i don't have to waste as much of my parents' time

today: 3hours dancing, 3hours tutoring, 0 hours work ):
there were more people in the class today than my normal school chem class, cos all the wed ppl moved to sat this it was pretty crowded
but my tutor bought food for all of us and drinks cause it was the last lesson :')

the only work i've done is made a to do list. it mainly consists of reading and chem.
i can't wait till i get to the library.

i have a mini dilemma. i'm, getting driven there tmr, so it's not so much of a problem, but i hope it doesn't rain cos i'm pretty sure my umbrella won't fit in my clutch, and then i'll have to lug my cardigan/jacket around with me, and if it rains, it won't be as nice and photos would be horrible.
and i just measured my heels and they're approx 13cm. i feel tall (: and i love them cos they were supppppper cheap and was from an expensive shop. one of my best buys ever (:

which leads me to my actual dilemma. i won't be driving to the city cos parking is expensive and hard to find. and i don't like catching public transport with heels on. and the semi on mon is quite early and my dad hasn't finished work yet. so my only option is to go to wynyard via public transport then walking. and i've walked from wynyard to the docks before, and it's not a nice surface, in fact, no outdoor places have nice ground. so, i now my heels are going to die and i would be :'( and i know my feet would kill, so my mum told me to bring another pair of shoes, except i can't fit them in my handbag/clutch ): so i would have to lug another bag around and can't take nice photos ): so yeah, maybe i should just bring a normal handbag.....
and if it does rain, well, it would suck. and i was planning to not bring a jacket at all, but the weather doesn't seem to agree with me...

i will be surprised if you read all that ramble ^

i want to swimmm tomorrow, but i also want to shop.
i am going to make myself swim every second day these holidays. the last time i swam was at the beginning of this year :(((((
it's hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that i stopped swimming/training every week for over ten years.......
i'm so scarred i won't fit into my dress =/ did i mention my semi-dress cost more than my yr10 formal dress..? i think i impulsed bought this dress last yr cos i boxing day sales. i shouldn't have bought a branded dress, because the brands are on the inside, and people only look at the outside of the dress.... i think i bought it cos it was black and i don't have any fully black dresses.....


  1. >_<
    take a waterproof jacket? or trench coat. otherwise, you'll have to take an umbrella and probably just hold it. [and hide it from the camera in photos]. you don't want to get wet.

    but it's a good idea to take something warm to wear. i think it's going to be pretty cold tomorrow. [not sure about monday]

  2. Bring a few bags? If you ever need more space, you just bring more bags, and that should suffice.

  3. disagree with brendan.

    I think it's best to bring one big bag so you won't lose stuff. You can always just have your clutch inside your big bag and get hide the big bag in photo taking moments.