Friday, September 23, 2011

P's!!!!!!! (:

so yes, this will be a long post (cause i have the time)

so, i thought i was going to fail in the morning and decided that 7days later, it would be hols and i can try again. so after jap yday, i had a last practise sesh a parking and driving around Baulko.

well, waiting for the exam was actually more nervous than doing it. it kind of felt like a piano exam cause like you don't want to damage your hand cause then you can't drive/play, don't want damaged your foot cause you can't press the pedals and need to think ahead.

anyways, the guy was supppppppppppper nice (: like he talked with me and made convo. like:
-are you in yr 11 or 12: 11
-what school do you go to: Baulko
oh, i used to teach cooking there 
me: oh really???......
-it feels like summer cause they are burning the bushes
me: yeah....
- started talking about his wife, kind of...and also graduation 
-well have you reserved your parking spot at school
me: err no, ...the yr12's have taken them all
-well they won't be there next term
me: oh yeah...

and he also swore, not because of my bad driving, but because of other full licence's reckless driving.
i'm kinda glad i didn't have the guy with the glasses who i saw failed a guy around his twenties/thirties
i don't understand how they can rely on public transport at such an old age, unless their mum still drives them around =/

and he didn't make me bay park =D i was sooo lucky, only reverse parallel. and i don't remember doing a 3point turn....
but they had "issues" after lunch, so i thought they forgot about me since it was past the time i was supposed to start, but yeah, my test went for less than the approximate time...
and he "accidently" made me drive past my school.
the places i went were completely different than my instructor's places, but then it's impossible to go every, and luckily i drove on the side of Baulko i knew better. and i drove on the same road which after sport (i saw this twice) i was walking and saw L's platers with fluro people next to them, which meant that road was a test road. 

so i actually thought i did fail cause he didn't ask me to bay park, but then he called out my name and was holding a stack of P plates

my dad and i were suppppppppppppppper surprised. 

but yeah, my mum won't let me drive to far places. my dad lets me to. i think i'll go with my dad's opinion (:
and my dad's really happy cause he won't have to take a huuuge detour to get to work, and he doesn't have to pick me up from tutoring/dancing
and i think my mum is secretly happy i got them even though she insists she still sits in the car with me....but i don't think that will happen....
and i have a choice between 3 cars to drive (:

and i am surprised i did it on my first turn. and i don't even remember the last time when i had a lesson with my driving instructor....

now i don't always have to rely on public transport. the only negatives are: can't eat/study/sleep/look at random stuff i pass by/ can't look at sky writing and thinking what the word actually is in the car and parking these days is hard to find and expensive, esp in city.

i think my excitement has died down since yesterday.

and nts: have a bigger signature for green P's. my signature right now looks like a black blob, worse than my L's. and L's are more prettier than P's. the red is so gross and there are much more "conditions"
now my L's and log book have been hole punched through ):

i'm glad they call it "Provisional Lisence" cause my parking is still not perfect, but then, no-one can be perfect, and my mum, after more than 10years of driving, at times, take a loong time to park.

i think more people pass than they fail. at my 30mins there, i saw 3 other people pass.

oh, to the people who haven't gotten their L's, get them! while you have time these hols (:

oh, and L's license last soo long for such a cheap license fee and P's are quite expensive for such as short time period, luckily i didn't pay it (:

i think even though i did super badly in my yearlies, i actually passed something and didn't have to waste more money..
still surprised (:

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