Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baulko Semi-Formal

yeah, it was really fun (:

i was so happy it didn't rain so then i didn't have to bring an umbrella and could take photos (: except i danced more than i took photos.

i think the only disappointing things were plastic plates and cutlery. the boat swayed a tiny bit at the start but then everything felt fine.

the atmosphere was really great and even people who said they wouldn't danced still danced. it was really stuffy inside and really cold/windy outside so the doors were a nice place to stand. the top deck had nice view but was supppper windy.

and so i kind of survived my 13cm heels. took them of in the end, and when i came back home, it took me 3 baby wipes to get them partly clean, so yes, the carpet was very dirty. but i love the heels, they give me height and makes me feel tall (:

and i'm quite lucky that i got driven there and back.

in the morning i went last minute (formal) shopping and i bought these amazing boots (: well i've always wanted a grey pair of boot, which are like ankle length and they have heels and they are supppper comfy <3
and then i had the arvo to get ready, except i'm not a hair stylist so my hair took soooo long to do, and then i left the house later than i wanted to and my dad took all the fast routes to get there in time :')
i think it took over 10 bucks but i didn't eat lunch out, so it kind of compensated for it...

so many plus ones......and it was kind of funny seeing all the couples

my feet actually didn't really hurt.

i love smoke machines (:

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